13 Cakes with Hidden Surprises


Cheetah Cake

Recipe by Azlita



Chocolate Strawberry Surprise Inside Cake

Recipe by Mom Loves Baking



Chocolate Striped Cake

Recipe by The Whoot 



Birthday Surprise Cake

Recipe by Homemade



Strawberry Surprise Cake

Recipe by Tablespoon



Earth Cake filled with Chocolate Rocks

Recipe by Hungry Happenings 



Surprise piñata football/soccer cake

Recipe by Good Food

Piñata cake (crack open with a toy hammer!)

Images by Milly Miss




Mint Chocolate Chip Battenberg Cake

Recipe by The Confident Baker




Tie Dye Cake

Recipe by Sweet Cakes



Caution Tape Cake 

Recipe by Lime and Mortar




Chocolate Pecan PieCake

Recipe by Livin’ the Pie Life




Lumberjack Cake with Edible Axe 

Image by Bored Panda

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