13 Recipes Made With Easter Candy


Creme Egg Pancake Stack

Recipe by Great British Chefs

Peeps Sunflower Brownies

Recipe by The Semi Sweet Sisters



Flock Cakes

Recipe by Wealden Times



Reese Peanut Butter Egg Cookie Bars

Recipe by Roxana’s Home Baking




Mini Egg Brownie Tart

Recipe by Good to Know



Chocolate Covered Peeps 

Recipe by Cincy Shopper


Robin Egg Chocolate Shake

Recipe by LifesAmbrosia


Caramel Egg Stuffed Easter Croissants 

Recipe by Taming Twins


Chocolate Nests with Robin Eggs

Recipe by Oscars Lunch


Deep Fried Cadbury Egg

Recipe by Oh Bite It



Hoppy Easter Cake

Recipe by Kids Cakes Blog



Chocolate Bunny

Recipe by Hungry Happenings



Mini Easter Egg Cake

Recipe by Hobby Craft

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