The Day After


Every chocoholic knows that the best day to buy chocolate is the day after Valentine’s Day. But, here’s some advice. Don’t fill your cart with empty calories of chocolate flavored wax. This is the time to splurge. Go for the good stuff. The name brand. The organic. The imported. The glitzy packages of goodness you’ve always wanted to try. Treat yourself…and February 15th will become your new favorite holiday.

Happy Valentine’s Day


Whether you’re embracing the day- sharing your love with that special someone, or cursing the day, because it’s the stupidest holiday ever, one fact remains the same. Valentine’s Day is an excuse to stuff your face with chocolate. So indulge!

May your day be filled with chocolates a plenty… and when you’ve reached a chocolate comatose state, you may just want to curl up with a cozy. 

The Chocolate Cupid Killings by JoAnna Carl

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