13 Black Forest Beauties


If life is a bowl of cherries, I’ll take mine with chocolate.


Image courtesy of Whim Magazine

As I’m always looking for excuses to celebrate, aka eat, more chocolate, I discovered National Black Forest Day.  As a proper chocoholic, I’m celebrating the entire week. And thus far, it’s been glorious.


There’s a reason they don’t simply call the duo “chocolate and cherries”.  It’s so much more indulgent than that.  There’s the dark, deep base of rich chocolate, accompanied by tangy tart cherries, slathered in a blanket of luxurious cream, all together orchestrating a symphony in your mouth.  It’s not just dessert, it’s the Black Forest Experience.

I dare you to check out these 13 Black Forest Beauties.  But be warned, these images aren’t for the weak chocoholic.   Once you get lured into the dark chocolate forest, you’ll never find your way out.  (And, that’s not a bad thing.)

13 Black Forest Beauties 


Leftover Chocolate?


Gif courtesy of  WeHeartIt.com

Of course, I’m joking!  There is no such thing as “leftover” chocolate.  It’s more like, “chocolate I haven’t gotten to yet”.



 If you find yourself with a surplus of this Easter candy you-have-yet-to-get-to, here are some recipe ideas.

Easter Candy Bark

When making bark, anything goes. Dark, milk, or white chocolate. And your choice of fillers- crushed Robin eggs, candy corn, marshmallows, peanut butter cups, chunks of Creme eggs.  It’s all good.

Recipe in photo by Blooming on Bainbridge

Nutella Rice Krispy Easter Candy Mash-up Brownies 

Nutella. Rice Krispy Treats. Easter Candy.  Alone, each is a treat.  But, together.  Yowza!

Recipe by Deliciously Yum

13 Stunning Easter Desserts


A few days before Easter, I’m contemplating the construction of the dessert table.  Of course,  we’ll require an ample  selection of Nostalgic Easter confections.  Bowls of chocolates wrapped in pastel foil, malted Robin eggs, marshmallow chicks, and chocolate Easter bunnies galore.  

Then, we will need a couple hand held treats.  Pastel Cookies and Coconut Nests to eat in between egg hunts and outside games. 

But, the treat that needs most attention, takes center stage on the dessert table.  It’s the Easter show stopper.  Whether cute, or beautiful, it should warrant oohs and awes. And it better taste good, too.  Nothing worse than biting into a gorgeous chocolate egg and finding it hollow.

Here are the finalists inspiring my Easter show piece.  What will you be serving?

13 Stunning Easter Desserts 

Chocolate Bunnies will be Multiplying!


I can’t believe it’s not chocolate!

It’s true. These delectable little bunnies are solid- ceramic.  A spray of chocolate brown paint, and they look good enough to eat. 



It’s the chocoholic equivalent to the Midas touch.  The possibilities are endless. Bunnies, chicks, eggs,….Santas, Cupids, pumpkins…


If you want to Willy-Wonklify your world, (and have your neighbors talk about you too), click here for DIY Directions  at artsyfartsymama.




Sweet Heaven on Earth


Just when you thought you couldn’t endure another foodie holiday, Chocolate Caramel Day sneaks upon us.  Now, if you can resist this great ball of chocolate, being seduced by rich, warm caramel, then one would gather that you have the self control of a super hero.

(Hypnotizing image courtesy of  Sploid)



No surprise, chocolate is my weakness.  And laced with flowing, liquid gold, it momentarily becomes my new best friend.

So though I know my thighs will resent me for it, I declare to chocoholics everywhere, that the entire weekend be devoted to a chocolate and caramel celebration.  Too much of a good thing?  Try slathering apple slices into this blissful combination. Apples.  Healthy.  You’re welcome.

In case you need some direction. Or, just want to drool…

Slow Cooker Chocolate Turtle Bread Pudding 

Recipe by The Gunny Sack


Chocolate Caramel Tartlet

Recipe by The Heritage Cook







Going Green


Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

While some are washing down Corn Beef & Cabbage with mugs full of frothy green beer, us chocoholics are bringing the green to the dessert table.  We’re talking Mint Chip Ice Cream, Grasshopper Pies, Thin Mint Cookies, Chocolate Mint Brownies,… all served best with a Shamrock Shake.

If you enjoy the rich and refreshing combination of chocolate and mint, you’ll want to dig into these irresistible desserts. And once you try them, you’ll know you’ve found gold.

13 Mint Chocolate Desserts to enjoy on St. Patrick’s Day