13 Black Forest Beauties

If life is a bowl of cherries, I’ll take mine with chocolate.


Image courtesy of Whim Magazine

As I’m always looking for excuses to celebrate, aka eat, more chocolate, I discovered National Black Forest Day.  As a proper chocoholic, I’m celebrating the entire week. And thus far, it’s been glorious.


There’s a reason they don’t simply call the duo “chocolate and cherries”.  It’s so much more indulgent than that.  There’s the dark, deep base of rich chocolate, accompanied by tangy tart cherries, slathered in a blanket of luxurious cream, all together orchestrating a symphony in your mouth.  It’s not just dessert, it’s the Black Forest Experience.

I dare you to check out these 13 Black Forest Beauties.  But be warned, these images aren’t for the weak chocoholic.   Once you get lured into the dark chocolate forest, you’ll never find your way out.  (And, that’s not a bad thing.)

13 Black Forest Beauties 


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