Great Balls of Fire!

There’s  something undeniably thrilling about having your dessert lit into flames. 



And I’ve just found the hottest new thing getting fired up on the dessert table.

Baked Alaska? Always cool, but done that.

Melting Chocolate Dome? Impressive, but done that one too.

BUT, A Flaming Chocolate Sphere? No. This one is new to me and going straight to the top of my Bucket List.


Photo courtesy of Miami New Times


So, what exactly is it? 

Well, in a nutshell, er, in a chocolate shell,… it’s this perfect chocolate sphere that is drenched by a waterfall of fiery rum, melting it down into a fragrant, gooey, salty caramel tart. 


It’s dessert. It’s entertainment. It’s great balls of chocolate fire!

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