To Mother, I meant it with Love

Kids mean well. They really do. But, sometimes their words send mixed messages. And sometimes, it’s their innocent honesty and literary stumbles that make us love them that much more. And chances are, the words not funny at the moment, will bring smiles when they’re all grown up.

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Just remember, at the end of every day…


Happy Mothers’s Day!

9 thoughts on “To Mother, I meant it with Love

  1. Kid do say the funniest things! Even funnier when they’re a teenager. Like the time I found my mom’s old diary (as a teenager) and she called my grandma/ her mom an old cow. Lolol
    It was funny the worst she called her was a cow, but even funnier an old cow. Lol. Good times. Thanks!

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      • It did! I got to laugh out loud so hard and my mom couldn’t do anything about it because my grandma was sitting right there. When my mom tried to get mad at me, my grandma told her to go to her room….in her own house!!!!! Being that my grandma is Panamanian, my mom listened!!! I feel over laughing then and couldn’t stop. I asked my grandma to please move in with us! Lololol But, she didn’t. That was the best day EVER!😛


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