Friday the 13th




Superstitious about Friday, the 13th?  Worried there’s an evil black cat somewhere out there, plotting an evil plan against you?


You have reason to be concerned. Check out these black cats, and the trail of chaos and horror they have left behind.


Beware!  The black cats are coming!



They’re climbing on rooftops,




They’re breaking through windows and doors.


They’re hiding in your furniture…



and inside your favorite foods.



They’re climbing on your walls,



and literally, lurking around every corner.



They’re making alliances with other menacing creatures.


And they’re doing things unexpected…evil things.



Grown men have tried to hold them back, and failed.





Be safe, humans. There’s no escape. Especially, if you look them directly in the (big adorable) eyes.  Then, your heart will melt, and belong to them. Forever.

photo courtesy of Kitty Blogger


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