German’s Chocolate Cake

June 11th is National German Chocolate Cake Day

Bring on the sweet coconut, 

the crunchy pecans,

and that rich, decadent chocolate!




Contrary to popular belief, the cake is not actually from Germany, but originated in America. The name came from the creator of the sweet dark baking chocolate, devloped by Samuel German of the Walter Baking Company (now owned by Kraft).

Although, there is some controversy about the cake’s original debut, according to Kraft, the version below is the classic German Chocolate Cake- complete with three layers and unfrosted sides.

Original GERMAN’S BAKER’S Sweet Chocolate Cake

Recipe by Kraft



Now to mix things up a bit.  These recipes feature the same classic flavors, with some new twists.

German Chocolate Bombes

Recipe by Fine Cooking



German Chocolate Bundt Cake with Caramel Sauce

Recipe by Paper Blog

German Chocolate Cake Ice Cream

Recipe by Chocolate Moosey



German Chocolate Upside Down Cake

Recipe by Newlyweds

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