19 thoughts on “Calling all Writers and Creative Minds!

  1. What a fun idea! I cracked up at both of these pictures.

    I have no fun ideas for what’s going on in the second pic, but I’ll give the first one a shot: After losing a bet, Tony was forced to reenact the entire movie of Jaws for his friends.

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  2. Okay, I tried desperately to find the comment section on your page and I couldn’t. You know I love a challenge and I love a prompt! So, Here is it goes.

    The Shark Man

    Helen, George and Glen went to the lake to have some fun mid-week. The temperatures were mild, in the low 80’s. They had their video equipment ready and Helen was to be the heroine of the big scene as well as the chief videographer, since it was her equipment. Where Glen obtained the giant shark suit, no one should probably know, but one guess was from some strange role playing game store in deepest, darkest China. And George, along with his rubber ducky and his swimmy ring, would play victim to Glen’s shark.

    The stage was set. They had played hooky from work that day. They were three friends, each an odd ball in his own right, but they were great pals nonetheless. When they arrived at Lake Minnetonka, it was apparent that George was not so interested in going along with the big scene, however. Glen was furious. He stood in the water, in his bizarre shark suit, waving his arms, while Helen tried unsuccessfully to coax George into the water. He was already dressed for the part. He had his ducky and his swimmy ring on. What was the matter now?

    Glen, always negative, stomped his feet and continued to whine. George confided in Helen that he was afraid of the water. The idea of mean spirited Glen pommeling him and pulling him underneath the water just was too much and he just couldn’t go through with it.

    The end!

    I’ll think of another story for the bear in the ice cream truck shortly!

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  3. ‘And here they were, hoping to escape the cares of life, enjoying a few days of peace on the beach- only to find out the Loan Shark had tracked them down, he would stop at nothing… he had said they couldn’t escape, he was a stalker- still following them!’

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  4. the Bear photo challenge- ‘Ben and Jerry had borrowed to the hilt to buy their ice cream truck- the ice cream was very popular. The problem was…neither Ben nor Jerry could resist the children who always appeared without enough money for an ice cream cone- this had to stop! They were told by their small business counsellor that the only way thing to do was hire someone who could make the folks pay full price for the ice cream. Jerry left Ben in charge of hiring…Ben told him he had found just the guy for it out by the garbage cans the night before. Would work cheap, had a firm handshake- so he hired him on the spot. The next day, a kid walked up, asked for an ice cream cone and held out a quarter in his grubby little hand…the rest is history. Jerry told Ben- ‘That guy needs to work on his people skills.’ (okay pitiful I know..)

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  5. The Shark Challenge

    ‘Ladies, this is not what you think. Let me tell you the ballad of Great White v Man’

    I was riding a wave
    A great white was feeling brave
    he slid over to me
    I was not happy
    he showed me his teeth,
    try to knock me off my board
    ‘Dude’ I shouted
    ‘you are going to get it Oh Lord.’!
    I crossed with a right
    hooked him with a left
    His tail fin was a mess
    He made another motion – taking my pants
    that was his, very last chance
    I got so mad; it cost him his head
    now I’m wearing it instead.


  6. All I can think of when I see the bear picture is that when the bear moves the sign says โ€œSoft serve & I screamโ€ Okay – Iโ€™m off to drown myself in a vat of chocolate. Hope Shark Man doesnโ€™t make an appearance ๐Ÿ™‚

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  7. On the top pic, “They told us to watch for sharks. I think we’ve spotted one.”
    On the second pic, “Now I know what happened to all the children I saw in my rear view mirror that ran after my ice cream truck, then suddenly disappeared.

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