Bonjour! It’s Eclair Day

If you’ve stopped by this blog before, you already know, I’m a gal who loves her chocolate. And, I rarely miss a chocolate holiday. Mainly, because it’s an excuse to indulge, but also because I want to be a responsible chocoholic.


So then, onto the celebration.  

It’s National Eclair Day.



Eclairs are delicious

Eclairs are divine.  

There’s just something heavenly about rich thick fudge, embracing cool fluffy cream– all in the same bite. Two opposites, melting perfect harmony in your mouth. gulp

People have been known to do some crazy things at the tempt of the luring eclair.


But today is a holiday…so enjoy!


Ridiculously Easy-Peasy “Eclair Cake”

Recipe by Food Please

This is a go to recipe for when you have that Eclair-kind-of-craving, and little time to spare.

Wanna keep things old school?

Triple Chocolate Eclairs

Recipe by Country Cleaver

This recipe is well worth the effort- and the triple amount of chocolate. I like to fill mine “sandwich” style for maximum cream capacity. Yum!


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