Dunk it or Dump it? Chocolate Covered Onions

I’m always searching for new ways to enjoy chocolate.  Without disappointment, adventurous foodies everywhere have come up with some, unique, pairing ideas for chocolate. The stuff dreams are made of? Or nightmares?  I’m not sure.



Each Wednesday, I’m going to present a chocolate concoction to the experts for feedback…Of course, those experts are you, my chocolate adoring friends!

First up,

Chocolate-Covered Onion photo

Should onions be dipped in chocolate?

Dunk it, or Dump it?

31 thoughts on “Dunk it or Dump it? Chocolate Covered Onions

    • I agree, I’m surprised they leave the skin on. Although some onions are sweet, it’s still unimaginable taking a bite out of it. If you are brave enough to try, please do share your experience!!! 😉


  1. Oooh! I once tried black pepper jelly beans (because I love black pepper!) and surprisingly it was good. So, I say you never know until you/ I try it. 😛
    Btw, today is National Waffle Iron Day! A chocolate waffle, dunk or dump???😀

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