Dunk It, or Dump It? Chocolate Fried Chicken

Today’s what I like to call, “Would-You-Eat-It-Wednesday?”.  I’m really enjoying this new segment, as I’m exploring chocolate options I never even knew existed. And to be perfectly honest, for some of these crazy chocolate pairings, it’s for good reason.  Nonetheless, if it’s chocolate, and somebody is eating it, I want to learn about it!

 It just so happens that this Wednesday coincides with National Fried Chicken Day…which got me wondering. Chicken & Chocolate? Has it been done? Absolutely! As a matter of fact, there are many variations out there, even in restaurants.


I’m dubbing this first recipe as ‘The Timid Version’.

This Chocolate Fried Chicken has cocoa powder in the brine and in the batter.

You can find a similar recipe here.


And then we have the ‘Real Deal’. Fried Chicken smothered in a Chocolate Sauce!



So, fellow chocolate enthusiasts, what is the verdict on Chocolate Dipped Fried Chicken?

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Dunk it, or Dump it?