Candy Bar Quiz

Enjoy an occasional chocolate bar? Think you know your brands? If you’re anything like me, candy bars were part of your childhood. Identifying them should be a piece of cake. Right?

See how many of these candy bars you can you identify, once they drop their flashy wrappers.


1. Answer


2. Answer


3. Answer


4. Answer


5. Answer


6. Answer

7. Answer 

8. Answer


9. Answer


10. Answer


How many did you get correct? 

20 thoughts on “Candy Bar Quiz

  1. I didn’t know most of these, but at least I got the Snickers one right. Aaand technically the Milky Way one as well, only we call that one a Mars bar in Europe 😁

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  2. I saw your quiz on my feed and told myself, “Don’t open that! It’s a trap! It’ll make you hungry for chocolate!” Clearly, I didn’t listen to my more rational self haha. Good thing I have a drawer full of chocolate in my office…

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