Confessions of a Chocoholic: 13 Chocolate-Inspired Items You Need in Your Home


When I was a little girl, I watched Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory in awe. Room after room of chocolate and candy, fed my sugar-coated fantasies.

Living in a building full of chocolate? My silly childhood sweet obsession was just “pure imagination“. photo

Until now…

Chocolate-inspired artists are creating modern pieces of chocolate whimsy- chairs, beds, benches, and even lamps.

Now anyone can have a home sweet home- no Golden Ticket needed.

13 Chocolate Inspired Items for a Chocoholic’s Dream House


“Nemo ChocoLite Lamp” (photo)

A modern lamp oozing chocolate goodness.


Pair of Chocolate Tables photo

Delicious Works of Art


Kitty  Cat Cake Bed (photo)

Because the Chocoholic pet deserves a piece of the chocolate pie, too.


Ice cream Sandwich Ottoman (photo)



Chocolate Muffin Stool with Storage photo

Perfect to store a hidden supply of bonbons.


Candy Bar Bed photo

Wrap up in a wrapper for sweet dreams.

Cupcake Chandelier photo

Because any room is sweeter with cupcake decor.


Ice Cream Bench photo

The perfect place to enjoy a cold one.



Chocolate Couch photo

Raising the bar on style.



Chocolate Candy Puffs Photo

So sweet!


Chocolate Chair photo

Pretty please with a cherry on top!


Cookie Monster Rug and Pillows photo

DIY directions here by Bored Panda

C is for CUTE!

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