Dunk It or Dump It?: Chocolate Covered Watermelon


It’s my favorite post of the week. The time when I get to hear the opinions of my fellow foodies. It’s time for…






Each week we assess an unusual, and sometimes weird, chocolate combination. This week we’re bringing a classic summer treat to the testing table.




It’s Sweet,



It’s Juicy,





And it’s Delicious.




But,…should it be dipped in chocolate? Is this idea pure madness, or genius?



Chocolate Dipped Watermelon

Recipe here by By Devine Dezign Living


Chocolate Watermelon Smoothie

Recipe here by Got Chocolate 



What’s the verdict, should Watermelon be dipped in chocolate?



Dunk It or Dump It?

Please vote in the comment section below.



You can vote on previous Chocolate Pairings here.


(*Gifs courtesy of giphy.)

9 thoughts on “Dunk It or Dump It?: Chocolate Covered Watermelon

  1. You wouldn’t believe what’s up with me. I adore chocolates more than my life but I’m allergic TO CHOCOLATES!!!!!!!! :-O
    I hate it!
    My friends gave me a chocolate, and now I’m sitting and staring at it.
    “Dearest Dearest Choco,
    Why did I have to be allergic to you? Hmmm?”


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