Gifts for the Baker


It’s hard to believe that there are less than 13 weeks before Christmas! If you’re anything like me, those words just hiked up your blood pressure a few, and induced a slight surge of panic throughout your body.


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Although this is my favorite time of year, I’ve learned that getting organized and starting early, reduces the stress of the hustle and bustle, allowing time to actually enjoy the holiday season.



The most time consuming thing to me, is gift giving. I don’t like to give someone a gift just because I feel obligated. I give them a gift because I want to, because that person means something to me. The whole it’s the thought that counts theory really comes into play here. I want to give someone a gift that shows I’m thinking of them personally. And frankly, if I start thinking about ideas two weeks before Christmas, everyone on my list would get a Leg Lamp…not that there’s anything wrong with that. 😉


So, for those that want to plan early, I’m starting Gift Ideas early. Suggestions for the Bakers, Readers, Mystery Lovers, Foodies, Writers,Chocoholics, Hims & Hers, and everyone else on your list.


A note about the suggested items:

The lists have been created based on my opinion. (Basically, all these items would be on my Wish List).  *Please note, I’m not affiliated with any of these companies or products. Ive included a link for purchase with each item for your convenience only. If interested in the product, I suggest researching the product for more details and price comparison.


Personalized Recipe Box

What baker wouldn’t enjoy a personalized box to store their treasured recipes?

Get it here


Baker Charm Bracelet

With so many charms to choose from, it makes an adorable, personal gift.

Get it here


Nibble Cake Testing Pan

Want to taste a cake before serving it to your guests? This pan comes with a silicone cupcake holder, just the right size for sampling.

Get it here


Wilton Trim n’ Turn Rotating Cake Stand

If you’ve ever piped a cake before, then you will understand the luxury of having a stand capable of rotating while you work your way around the cake.

Get it here

Personal Pie Maker

YUM! Need I say more?

Get it here


Macaron Kit

This helpful kit adds ease to the macaron-making experience. Use the molding tray to maintain size consistency.

Get it here


Stainless Steel Layer Cake Slicer

Slicing a cake blindly often results in uneven layers. This tool keeps everything stacked up nicely.

Get it here



MarxHoushold Adjustable 9"-12" Stainless Steel Layer Cake Slicer Kit Mousse Mould Slicing Cake


Black Marble Pastry Board

Great work area for dough and pastries. Keep mess contained to one area, while keeping work space cool for more workable dough.

Get it here


Creme Brulée Torch Set

Perfect for quick torching of sugar, marshmallows, and meringues.

Get it here


Kitchen Scale

Baking is a science. So accurate measurements mean better baking results.

Get it here


Custom Cookie Message Cutter

Turn any cookie into a sweet note.

Get it here


Personalized Tablet and Cookbook Stand

An essential tool for the baker’s kitchen. Read recipes with ease, while keeping your favorite cookbook clean.

Get it here

Custom Engraved Rolling Pin

Roll out your dough with a personal flair.

Get it here


What do you think?

If you’re a baker, would you like any of these gifts? 

What’s your favorite?

13 thoughts on “Gifts for the Baker

  1. OMG! I want all of these items!! Love these suggestions!Thanks for posting this!! I also agree with you that planning ahead for the holidays is detrimental & only buying gifts for who you want, not under an obligation to. Happy Holiday Season!!


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  3. I love the idea of the nibble cake testing pan. When I next make a cake, I’m going to try filling a silicone cupcake holder and put it in the oven with my cake 🙂
    The layered cake slicer looks great too.


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