Chocolate Pasta? You betcha!

In case you need a reason to eat chocolate…

Or, pasta…

It’s Pasta Day!

Pasta + Chocolate = True Love❤️



Chocolate Pasta with Brown Butter, Sage, and Whipped Ricotta

Recipe here by Girl in the Little Red Kitchen 

Chocolate Ravioli

Recipe here by Tatooed Foodie

Chocolate Tortellini with Mascarpone, Hazelnut, & Blackberries 

Recipe here by Bake Street

6 thoughts on “Chocolate Pasta? You betcha!

  1. Wow, pasta and chocolate!? Who would have thought? I recently heard of people doing biscuits and gravy with southern style chocolate gravy. I’ve been told it’s good but I have never had it myself. Amazing, the things people will come up with. 🙂


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