Dunk It or Dump It?: Chocolate with Avocado

The holiday hustle bustle has come and gone, and I’m finally getting back into the blogging groove. This month we’re bringing back one of my favorite post topics…

It’s the game where I bring an unlikely chocolate pair to the table for your consideration. And you, my trusted chocolate critics, vote your opinion. This week’s spotlighted ingredient isn’t so odd for some. But, for others like myself, it may take some convincing.

I’ll be honest, when it comes to my chocolate, I’m a purist. Meaning, I’m not big on unconventional ingredients. I hear the gasps. As much as I keep an open mind, I just can’t do it. And this doesn’t just go for healthy options. I don’t like to see words like sour cream or mayonnaise on my ingredient list either. You can tell me the benefits of the product until I’m blue in the face, but if I know that something weird is in there, I’m not going to eat it.


Which brings me to this week’s Would-You-Eat-It-Wednesday pairing…

Chocolate and Avocado 

Image by Chamomile Roots

Now, I’m certainly not snubbing anyone who eats the combination. In fact I’m a huge avocado and guacamole fan myself.


And the avocado certainly has nutritional perks, showing up in healthier versions of everything from cakes to mousse.


So now I bring the question to you, my fellow chocolate enthusiasts. Where do you stand on this alternative ingredient? Am I the only stubborn one resisting non-traditional ingredients? Is this the best thing since sliced bread (that preferably has been transformed into a lovely chocolate bread pudding)? If so, someone may have to trick me into trying it!


For those of you already absorbing the health benefits of the dynamic duo, here are some recipes worth trying!

Avocado Chocolate Truffles

Recipe here by Hearthstrong 

Vegan Avocado Chocolate Cake

Recipe here by Joy the Baker

So chocoholics, what’s the verdict?

Would you eat Chocolate with Avocados?



Dunk It or Dump It?

Please vote in the comment section below!

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10 thoughts on “Dunk It or Dump It?: Chocolate with Avocado

  1. Uhm, at the risk of being accused of profiling the avocado, my first instinct is to say … no. I think textually the combo would be challenging, not to mention I always considered avocado to be savory. My father would sometimes eat avocado sprinkled with sugar and I thought that was weird.


  2. well I’m definitely a NO lol however I wonder if the boyfriend would try it out. NOW I’m laughing at the chicken and chocolate i passed on my way to the comment slot and UNfortunately i think i would try it LOL oh the sweet potatoes YES!!!


  3. I’d try it because I like to try new things. Following the taste test, whether to dunk or dump would be a matter of how my taste buds reacted. Thanks for the challenge and for the recipes.


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