April Fool’s Fun Food Ideas

I’m typically not a prankster. Maybe it’s because I don’t want to upset someone, or maybe I’m afraid on how they may seek revenge on me. But, mostly, I just don’t want to be cruel. Toothpaste filled Oreos= cruel, and disgusting. Doughnuts filled with mayonnaise= very cruel, friendship pending. Lol πŸ˜‰

The beauty of the food pranks below, is that the results are unexpectedly sweet. 

Welcomed April Fool’s Day Pranks

Grilled Cheese = pound cake and frosting

Recipe here by Yummly 

Steak and Fries = chocolate ice cream & cake

Recipe here by Food Network 

Shepards Pie = Rice Krispies & Marshmallows 

Recipe here by Party Pinching

Onion Rings= Twizzlers & Graham Crackers

Recipe here by Taste of Home

Chicken Pot Pie= vanilla pudding & Starbursts

Recipe here by Spoonful 

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