About Agatha


Who is Agatha Chocolats?


I like to think of Agatha as my alter ego, a chocolate superhero of sorts. You know, like Superman is to Clark Kent? She may not be faster than a speeding bullet, but she happens to possess the greatest super power of all time. She can eat chocolate day and night, never gaining an ounce. Super powerindeed

Beyond that, we’ve much in common. Agatha is a Southern Smoky Mountain gal with a French inner passion. Her nemesis is the pesky raisin, lurking in one-too-many precious chocolate confections. And, she lands into mischief without ever trying.



This site is dedicated to my 3 passions:



Calling myself a chocolate enthusiast is putting my obsession lightly.



You will find some short brainteaser type mysteries on this site. But, bigger things are on the horizon. And you can bet they involve a ridiculous amount of chocolate. Check back here for updates on my upcoming mystery series, penned under Agatha Chocolats.



I need to laugh, like I need to breathe. And when I can share a laugh with someone else, it’s that much better. There’s no greater joy than a contagious smile!



I’d love to connect with you here, Twitter, and Pinterest.


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