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Who is Agatha Chocolats?


I like to think of Agatha as my alter ego, a chocolate superhero of sorts. You know, like Superman is to Clark Kent? She may not be faster than a speeding bullet, but she happens to possess the greatest super power of all time. She can eat chocolate day and night, never gaining an ounce. Super powerindeed

Tales aside, I’m a Southern gal with a French inner passion. My nemesis is the pesky raisin, lurking in one-too-many precious chocolate confections. And, I tend to land into mischief without ever trying.

This site is dedicated to my 3 passions:



Calling myself a chocolate enthusiast is putting my obsession lightly.



I’ve recently released my mystery, Thirteen Chocolates. You can read more about here. Or, purchase it here on Amazon.



I need to laugh, like I need to breathe. And when I can share a laugh with someone else, it’s that much better. There’s no greater joy than a contagious smile!



I’d love to connect with you here, Twitter, and Pinterest.


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