Summer ala Mode ☀️


Summer just wouldn’t be summer without ice cream. Which puts this frozen treat in popular demand.

So then, should you go out for ice cream? 


Before you do, you should know the risks.



Uh, yeah.


Racing the neighborhood kids to the ice cream truck? Not a good idea. Those kids are hungry. Aggressive. And probably faster than you.



A walk in the park? Not so much. Combine heat and gravity and you have a tragic cone decapitation on your hands. Er, on the ground.


Ye old ice cream parlor. Surely, that’s safe? Until your cone self combusts.


Well then, how about a treat right outside the comfort of your own home? 

Weather forecast, cloudy with a chance of soccer balls.


And don’t forget about all of the ice cream predators lurking out there. 

Man’s best friend? Not when ice cream is involved.


Gentle giants, not when their tongue is bigger than your head.


Let’s face it, ice cream can drive even the most motherly of creatures to a life of crime.


So, does going out for ice cream still seem like a good idea?


My recommendation, stay safe, and try one of these delightful ice cream creations in the safety of your own kitchen.


13 Ice Cream Creations to Cool Off Your Summer…safely

Toasted Coconut Chocolate Ice Cream Cake

Recipe here by Life, Love and Sugar

Ice Cream Nachos

Recipe here by Moms and Munchkins 

Salted Chocolate Caramel Ice Cream Brownie Cake

Recipe here by Coley Cooks

Giant Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich

Recipe here by Taste of Home

Easy Fried Ice Cream

Recipe here by Divas Can Cook

Mint Chocolate Chip Oreo Ice Cream Tart

Recipe here by Home Made Interest

Ice Cream Tacos

Recipe here by I Love Cooking

Swiss Roll Ice Cream Dome Cake

Recipe here by Wild Yeast

 Chocolate Malt Ice Cream Cupcakes

Recipe here by Growing up Gabel

 Ice Cream Pizza

Recipe here by The Recipe Rebel

 Ice Cream Churro Bowls

Recipe here by Buzzfeed

Mocha Mud Pie

Recipe here by Shiny Life Blog

Double Chocolate Peanut Butter Oreo Baked Alaska

Recipe here by Baking a Moment


In conclusion, eat responsibly this summer. Close your windows, lock your doors,


and above all, enjoy your ice cream. You deserve it.


Congratulations to these Top 13 Chocolate Movie Quote Tweets


We asked Twitter to play, “Add Chocolate, Improve a Movie Quote!”  And we couldn’t be more impressed by the clever responses.  


It was quite difficult to narrow it down to the top 13 tweets, so be sure to check out the other responses via Twitter #AddChocolateImpoveAMovieQuote. Thanks to all that participated!


More games to come!

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How to have a Happy Cinco de Mayo


Agatha Chocolats

Step 1: Grab a Party Hat


Step 1: Grab a party hat… Grab a Sombrero.

imageStep 2: Put on your party clothes. They should be loose fitting.

imageStep 3: You’ll need a large assortment of Mexican inspired foods.


Step 4: Add chocolate. (See recipes below).


Churros with Chocolate Sauce

Recipeby Just a Taste

Sopapilla with Chocolate Drizzle

Recipeby Celebrations

Sopapilla Cheese Bites

Recipeby Celebrations

Magical Chocolate Flan Cake

Recipeby A Beautiful Mess

Chocolate Tres Leche Cake

Recipe by Fine Cooking


Step 5, that’s the Cinco– Time to Celebrate!


(But, you probably shouldn’t go overboard.)


Happy Cinco de Mayo, Everyone!


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🍫Add Chocolate, Improve a Movie Quote


Everything is better with chocolate…even iconic movie lines. Add the phrase “with chocolate” to a famous movie quote and share it in the comment section below. (Be sure to use separate comments for each quote, so readers can like their favorites). I can’t wait to read your new movie quotes! Here’s a few to get things started.



I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse with Chocolate.

The Godfather



Go ahead, make my day with Chocolate.

Sudden Impact




Here’s looking at you kid with Chocolate.




I solemnly swear that I’m up to no good with Chocolate.

Harry Potter



Your Turn!!!




You’ve Never Had Twinkies Like These Before


Fan of the Twinkie?


Then you’re going to Love these sophisticated Twinkie recipes.



Espresso Twinkies 

Recipe here by Cooking NY Times


Twinkie Tiramisu 

Recipe here by The Domestic Rebel

Twinkie Bread Pudding

Recipe here by Fox8

Fried Bourbon Soaked Twinkies

Recipe here by Thrillest

Chocolate Twinkies with Peppermint Filling

Recipe here by Free Range Cookies

April Fool’s Fun Food Ideas


I’m typically not a prankster. Maybe it’s because I don’t want to upset someone, or maybe I’m afraid on how they may seek revenge on me. But, mostly, I just don’t want to be cruel. Toothpaste filled Oreos= cruel, and disgusting. Doughnuts filled with mayonnaise= very cruel, friendship pending. Lol 😉

The beauty of the food pranks below, is that the results are unexpectedly sweet. 

Welcomed April Fool’s Day Pranks

Grilled Cheese = pound cake and frosting

Recipe here by Yummly 

Steak and Fries = chocolate ice cream & cake

Recipe here by Food Network 

Shepards Pie = Rice Krispies & Marshmallows 

Recipe here by Party Pinching

Onion Rings= Twizzlers & Graham Crackers

Recipe here by Taste of Home

Chicken Pot Pie= vanilla pudding & Starbursts

Recipe here by Spoonful 

13 Chocolate Desserts Created for the Ultimate Oreo Fans


When it’s National Oreo Day and you don’t have any cookies…


And you can’t stop thinking about them.


And suddenly, everything around you reminds you of the glorious cookie.

There’s no denying it, you’ve got to have them.


You make a desperate trip to the store.


And finally, find happiness.


Slam. Dunk!


(You did remember to buy an extra bag or two for baking, right?)


13 Oreo Cookie Recipes

Homemade Oreo Ice Cream Sandwiches

Recipe here by Bite Me More

Chocolate Covered Oreo Cookie Cake

Recipe here by Delish


Oreo Cannoli 

Recipe here by Foodiggity 


Oreo Doughnut 

Recipe here by Baker by Nature


Oreo Cookies n Cream Swiss Roll

Recipe here by Crazy for Crust

Deep Fried Cookie Dough Oreo

Recipe here by Doughmesstic 

Cookies n Cream Oreo Ice Cream Cake

Recipe here by Life Made Sweeter

Oreo Rice Krispies

Recipe here by Shari Blogs 


Oreo Cookie Cobbler

Recipe here by Call Me PMC


Oreo Brownie Trifle

Recipe here by Baker Homemaker

Chocolate Chess Oreo Pie

Recipe here by Something Swanky


Oreo Popcorn

Recipe here by Pop Sugar 


Death by Chocolate Oreo Cupcakes  

Recipe here by Instructibles