Dunk It or Dump It? Chocolate Covered Garlic


We’ve made it to the middle of the work week, which means it’s time for-


Every week, I go on the hunt for unexpected chocolate pairings and bring my findings back to you. Your job, is to determine whether the food item is chocolate-compatible.


This week’s inspiration…GARLICphoto 



Chocolate Covered Garlic

Recipe here by Healthy Holistic Living

Not convinced?


Perhaps it would be less intimidating in a recipe…

Toast with Olive Oil, Chocolate, and Black Garlic

Recipe here Earthy Delights

Chocolate Garlic Gelato

Recipe here by Salty Seattle

Chocolate Garlic Brittle Chocolate Chip Cookies

Recipe here by Gilded Fork

What’s the verdict?

Are you willing to give Chocolate with Garlic a try?


Dunk It or Dump It?

Please vote in the comment section below!

Skip Thanksgiving Dinner, Save Room for the Chocolate Pie!


According to the Food Calendar, Pie Month is February, but for me…Fall is Pie Season! Bring on the nutty pies, the fudge pies, and the warm cobblers a la mode. And on Thanksgiving, bring one of each!


Chocolate Chip Toffee Pecan Pie

Recipe here by Melissa’s Southern Style Kitchen 

Baileys’ Mint Chocolate Cream Pie

Recipe Here by Grandbaby Cakes

Chocolate Banana Cream Pie

Recipe here by Half Baked Harvest

Peanut Butter Chocolate Pie

Recipe here by Kevin and Amanda

Reeses Pie

Recipe here by The First Year Blog

Chocolate Meringue Pie

Recipe here by Recipes to Nourish 

Dark Chocolate Pie with Toasted Coconut Crust

Recipe here by Baking with Sibella

Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Pie

Recipe here by Crazy for Crust

Chocolate Peanut Butter Pretzel Pie

Recipe here by Restless Chipotle 

S’mores Pie

Recipe here by Brown Eyed Baker

Red Velvet Fudge Pie

Recipe here by Pizzazzerie 

Skillet Tarheel Pie

Recipe here by Biscuits and Such

Chocolate Walnut Cranberry Pie

Recipe here by Rants From my Crazy Kitchen

You Can Even Eat The Dishes


Honoring the great Gene Wilder, the original Willy Wonka, with a tribute to one of his most memorable Chocolate Factory scenes.


“You can even eat the dishes…”


One of my favorite movie moments!

Next time you reminisce with this classic favorite, celebrate with these scrumdiddlyumptious edible dishes. 


Edible Spoons

DIY Chocolate Molded Spoons 

Chocolate Molds here

Cookie Spoons

Directions here


Edible Chocolate Bowls photo

Made with Balloons

DIY Video compliments of giphy 


Chocolate Chip Cookie Bowls

Directions here


DIY Edible Teacups

Directions here


Chocolate Dipped Coffee Cups



Chocolate Dessert Cups photo

Instruction Video here




Thanks for the childhood Memories,

the Magic, 

and your wonderfully

Pure Imagination, Mr. Wilder! 

13 Chocolate Desserts to Add to your Foodie Bucket List



Movie Theater Sundae photo

Brownie, topped with popcorn flavored ice cream, peanut butter pretzels, and brown butter caramel.

Where to find it:  The Stanton Social, NY


Cookie Shots photo

The interior of the handmade cookie cup is slathered with Belgian chocolate, and then filled with a Madagascar vanilla or chocolate cream.

Where to find it: The Dirty Cookie, CA

Chocolate Sphere photo

Warm buttered chocolate melts the chocolate sphere to unveil chocolate lava cake and ice cream.

Where to find it: Pantry, Boston


Eggloo Waffle and Ice Cream photo

Inspired by Hong Kong’s Egg Waffles, Eggloo’s waffles are stuffed with your choice of homemade ice cream and toppings.

Where to find it: Eggloo, NY 


French Hot Chocolate photo

Hot Chocolate thick enough to use a spoon.

Where to find it: Angelina, Paris


Outrageous Milkshakes photo

See the photo below? Enough said.

Where to find it:  Black Top, NY


Cannoli Nachos photo

Cannoli chips served with sweet ricotta dip.

Where to find it: Di Mare Pastry, CT



The Kitchen Sink Cake photo

The “cake” is actually made up of layers of cheesecake, pecan pie, devil’s food cake, brownies, peanut butter crunch, vanilla chiffon cake, and chocolate chunk cookies…and served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Where to find it:  Hard Rock, Universal Studios, Orlando

Ice Cream Fondue photo

Where to find it: Mega Bangna, Thailand 

Chocolate Pinata photo 

Break open your own chocolate piñata to release a bounty of churros and fresh fruit.

Where to find it: Uncle Julio’s, TX

Chocolate Explosion (photo)

Your waiter cracks open the sphere to reveal vanilla and mango mousse, brownie chunks, nuts, and candy. Then, the dessert is finished off with ice cream, chocolate sauce, and liquid nitrogen. 

Where to find it: Quattro Restaurante, Mumbai



Rolled-Up Ice Cream photo

 Thai-inspired homemade ice cream, hand-rolled in front of you.

Where to find it: 10Below ,NY

The Treasure Chest photo

Chocolate treasure chest overflowing with a dozen scoops of ice cream, 3 slices of cake, deep fried Oreos and candy bars, and more!

Where to find it: Caesars, Las Vegas

I’m always on the lookout for new chocolate experiences. What desserts would you add to the list?

13 Patriotic Chocolate Desserts for 4th of July



Fourth of July Weekend is synonymous with Picnics!

Here are some easy chocolate recipes to add some Red, White, & Blue Patriotic Pizazz to your dessert spread.


Red, White, & Blue Pretzels

Recipe here


Chocolate Covered Cherry Bombs (Infused with Vodka)

Recipe by Frosting and Smile


Edible Patriotic Chocolate Bowls

Recipe by Unsophisticook 

Muddy Buddy Snack Mix

Recipe here


Star Spangled Cake Pops

Directions here


4th of July Chocolate Firework Pretzels 

Recipe here


Patriotic Cones

Recipe here


Firecracker Pop Rocks Bark

Recipe here



Brownie and Berries Dessert Pizza

Recipe here



Recipe, White, Blue Candy Bar Pretzels

Recipe here


Three Tier Gluten-free Chocolate Cake

Recipe here


Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Dip

Recipe here


Red Velvet Peppermint Ice Cream Chocolate Glazed Cake

Recipe here