13 DIY Edible Valentine Gifts


 This Valentine’s Day show someone they are extra special with a sweet homemade gift. Click on the included links for how to instructions. 


Candy Gumball Machine 

Recipe here by Eat, Move, Make

Cupcake Bouquet 

Recipe here by Crafts n’ Coffee

Chocolate Candy Bouquet 

Recipe here by The Bewitchen Kitchen

Valentine Cookie Pizza

Recipe here by Bake at 350

Chocolate Strawberry Bouquet

Recipe here by Rada Cutlery

Chocolate Valentine Candy Sundae

Recipe here by Budding Baketress

Hershey Kiss Roses

Recipe here by Sun Scholar

Cookie Arrangement 

Recipe here by The Decorated Cookie

Edible Fruit Arrangement 

Recipe here by Hundred Dollars a Month


Chocolate Candy Bouquet 

Recipe here by Domestic Curator 

Edible Chocolate Box

Recipe here by Oh Nuts!

Ferrero Rocher Bouquet

Recipe here by Peachy PH


Flowers and Candy 

Recipe here by Evolution and Style

DIY Children’s Play Kitchens from Recycled Furniture


Have a little baker in your home that would love a play kitchen for the holidays? With a bit of TLC and some inspiration, you can transform an old piece of furniture into an adorable play set.

You’ll be amazed by these whimsical transformations!

From a Dresser Top…



to a Cozy Kitchen Nook.



From An Old TV Cabinet…


…To a Darling Diner.


From An Old Side Table…

…to a Sweet Stove.

From a Television Stand…




to a Bright & Cheery Chef Space.



From An Entertainment Center…


…to a Modern Cook’s Quarters.


From an Entertainment Center…


to a Glamorous Kitchen.

13 DIY Chocolate Costumes for Halloween


Looking for a sweet Halloween costume idea? Here are some clever DIY costumes, from some exceptionally creative people, for inspiration. Chocolate not included.

Willy Wonka



Chocolate Box


S’more Family


Chocolate Bar Vending Machine With Lights
Chocolate Kiss
Photo via Pinterest
Chocolate Factory Workers: Lucy and Ethyl
Photo via Pinterest


Starbuck’s Mocha Latte
Ice Cream Man
Kudos to the parent that transformed this cutie’s wheelchair into this cool ice cream truck! 

Oompa Loompa
Chocolate Cake
Three Musketeers 
Milk and Cookies
Count Chocula And Frankin Berry

What’s your favorite?


NOW is the Time to Make Homemade Vanilla for Your Holiday Baking


In just a couple short months, it will be holiday baking time. This year, upgrade the flavor. Instead of using generic store bought vanilla flavoring, make your own extract.



Making homemade vanilla extract is ridicuously simple!  The recipe below is the basic recipe.  Here, we use vodka as the base, but you can use other liquors, such as rum or brandy. 

For the beans, we’ve chosen the Madagascar variety, for that classic rich vanilla flavor.  Feel free to vary it up, for your own signature blend.




A 750ml Bottle of Vodka (any brand, 80 proof)

10 Madagascar Vanilla Beans ( I got mine here on Amazon).

A glass jar for storage.


1.  Slice the vanilla beans horizontally, exposing the seeds. Place the beans into the bottle.


2. Fill the bottle with Vodka, and give it a shake.

That’s it! It’s that simple.



Shake up the bottle a few times a week.  Your Vanilla Extract will be useable in 1-2 months, just in time for holiday baking! It’s best to make a batch as soon as possible. The longer it ages, the more intense the flavor. 



Top off the bottle with alcohol as needed to keep an ample supply on hand. 


Happy Baking!


*gifs by giphy





Sweet Chocolate Ideas for Back to School




Remedy for back to school blues? Chocolate!  

 Here are some sweet treats sure to brighten up any student or teacher’s day!



Chocolate Covered Back to School Apple Pretzels

DIY Directions here


Rolo Pencils

DIY Directions here


Edible Chocolate Bar Chalkboard Cookies

DIY Directions here


Hershey Chocolate Nugget School Buses

DIY Directions and Printable here


Chocolate Pretzel Rod Pencils

DIY Directions here


Hershey Chocolate Ruler

DIY Directions and printable label here


Chocolate Covered Oreos

Apples with Candy Worms

DIY Directions here


Notepads photo

You can find Chocolate Mold here


Colorful Arithmetic Oreos photo