13 Chocolate Treats for Easter Breakfast


Easter is the perfect excuse to eat chocolate for breakfast (and lunch, and dinner). The Easter Bunny doesn’t care about carbs, so bring on the bunnies, the malt balls, and chocolate eggs-a-plenty.



13 Chocolate Treats You’re Going to Want on Your Easter Table 

Chocolate Bunny Bread 

Recipe here by Eggs


Chocolate Chip Flower Pot Muffins  

Recipe here by BBC Good Food


Vegan “Cadbury Eggs” with White Chocolate Mousse 

Recipe here by Fork and Beans


Double Chocolate Espresso Coconut Hot Cross Buns 

Recipe here by Butter Baking


Chocolate Easter Egg Pancakes 

Recipe here by Chef Mom


Chocolate Easter Egg Stuffed Croissants   

Recipe here by Simply Stacie


Easter Egg Doughnuts 

Recipe here by Sugar Hero


Peeps Hot Chocolate 

Recipe here by Knitted Bliss

Chocolate Malt Ball Bread Pudding

Recipe here by Alida’s Kitchen


Chocolate Dipped Bunny Scones

Recipe here by Imagine Childhood


Cadbury Creme Egg Tart 

Recipe here by Good to Know


Chocolate Monkey Bread Robin Nests 

Recipe here by How to Simplify 


Surprise Inside Bunny Cake

Recipe here by Oh Sweet Day


13 Adorable Treats to Sweeten Up Your Easter


These desserts are adorable, delicious, and best of all…


…Bunny Approved.

Easter Nest Cupcakes 

Recipe here by Taming Twins


Chocolate Cheesecake Eggs 

Recipe here by Raspberri Cupcakes


Oreo Sheep

Recipe here by Kitchen Fun with My Three Sons


Reese’s Easter Chicks

Recipe here by I Heart Naptime


Easter Bunny Bark 

Recipe here at The Decorated Cookie 


Peeps S’mores Skillet 

Recipe here by Delish


Carrot Patch Cupcakes

Recipe here by Life Made Simple


Lemon Cake with Fudgie Bunny Center

Recipe here by She Said


Easter Chocolate Chicks 

Recipe here by AO Life


Spring Chick Cake Pops

Recipe here by Bakerella


Easter Egg Cupcakes

Recipe here by Itsy Bitsy Foodies


Easter Pudding Pops with Surprise Bunny

Recipe here by She Knows


Carrot Top Cupcakes

Recipe here by Hungry Happenings 


13 Easter Desserts to Make with Mini Chocolate Eggs


How do you like your eggs?






13 Recipes to Make with Chocolate Mini Eggs

Chocolate Cake with Malt Frosting  

Recipe here by Glorious Treats

Malted Milk Chocolate Brownies

Recipe here by Sugar Hero

Easter Brownies

Recipe here by Heather Christo

Chewy Robin Egg White Chocolate Chip Cookies 

Recipe here by The Crepes of Wrath

Easter Thumbprint Cookies

Recipe here by A Bowl of Mush

Reese White Chocolate Robin Egg Popcorn

Recipe here by 100 Directions


Cadbury Chocolate Egg Cheesecake Dip

Recipe here by A Pumpkin and a Princess

3-ingredient Mini Egg Fudge

Recipe here by Lord Byron’s Kitchen

Robin Egg Chocolate Easter Doughnuts 

Recipe here by The Recipe Rebel

Bird’s Nest Chocolate Cupcakes  

Recipe here by Cooking Classy

Robin’s Egg No Churn Ice Cream

Recipe here by Delish


Easter Ombré Pinata Cake 

Recipe here by Taming Twins

Boston Cream Chocolate Easter Cupcakes 

Recipe here by Cup of Sugar Pinch of Salt




Leftover Chocolate?


Gif courtesy of  WeHeartIt.com

Of course, I’m joking!  There is no such thing as “leftover” chocolate.  It’s more like, “chocolate I haven’t gotten to yet”.



 If you find yourself with a surplus of this Easter candy you-have-yet-to-get-to, here are some recipe ideas.

Easter Candy Bark

When making bark, anything goes. Dark, milk, or white chocolate. And your choice of fillers- crushed Robin eggs, candy corn, marshmallows, peanut butter cups, chunks of Creme eggs.  It’s all good.

Recipe in photo by Blooming on Bainbridge

Nutella Rice Krispy Easter Candy Mash-up Brownies 

Nutella. Rice Krispy Treats. Easter Candy.  Alone, each is a treat.  But, together.  Yowza!

Recipe by Deliciously Yum

13 Stunning Easter Desserts


A few days before Easter, I’m contemplating the construction of the dessert table.  Of course,  we’ll require an ample  selection of Nostalgic Easter confections.  Bowls of chocolates wrapped in pastel foil, malted Robin eggs, marshmallow chicks, and chocolate Easter bunnies galore.  

Then, we will need a couple hand held treats.  Pastel Cookies and Coconut Nests to eat in between egg hunts and outside games. 

But, the treat that needs most attention, takes center stage on the dessert table.  It’s the Easter show stopper.  Whether cute, or beautiful, it should warrant oohs and awes. And it better taste good, too.  Nothing worse than biting into a gorgeous chocolate egg and finding it hollow.

Here are the finalists inspiring my Easter show piece.  What will you be serving?

13 Stunning Easter Desserts 

Chocolate Bunnies will be Multiplying!


I can’t believe it’s not chocolate!

It’s true. These delectable little bunnies are solid- ceramic.  A spray of chocolate brown paint, and they look good enough to eat. 



It’s the chocoholic equivalent to the Midas touch.  The possibilities are endless. Bunnies, chicks, eggs,….Santas, Cupids, pumpkins…


If you want to Willy-Wonklify your world, (and have your neighbors talk about you too), click here for DIY Directions  at artsyfartsymama.




13 Recipes Made With Easter Candy


Tis the season…for Robin Eggs, Marshmallow Peeps, and those luscious Cadbury Creme Eggs. Going down the seasonal aisle is like visiting long lost friends. Some from last season, some from childhood. As a kid, these treats were rare.  And they wouldn’t make their debut till Easter morning.  Jelly beans and robin eggs scattered on the surface of my basket’s filler. But the real prizes sunk below. Digging through the plastic straw was like a search for buried treasure. And the real treat was finding one, unwrapping its pastel foil, and devouring it before breakfast.

Now, as an adult, I have the luxury of buying these nostalgic treats the day after Valentine’s Day. Some, I nibble on throughout the season. Some, I use in mouth-watering recipes. And others, I wait to unwrap on Easter morning, rejoicing in a lifetime of memories—one treasure at a time.

Enough of the sap… Dig out your Easter candy stash, and make something delicious, even more delicious!