13 Chocolate and Peach Recipes 🍑


 I think you’d agree that some fruits just naturally pair well with chocolate. 

Such as….


Chocolate and bananas?



How about….


Chocolate and strawberries?



But, what about chocolate and peaches?


Granted, peaches are not the most common fruit found in chocolate desserts. Actually, the combination might even sound a bit odd. But maybe we just havent given the humble peach a proper chance to shine. 

Still skeptical?


I’ve researched the most appetizing chocolate and peach recipes on the internet. Let me know which ones you’d be willing to try.

And if you’re ready to start baking, check out this tip:

See how to peel a peach perfectly without a knife here.

13 Chocolate and Peach Desserts🍑

Dark Chocolate, Carmelized Peach, Marscarpone Grilled Cheese

Recipe here by How Sweet It Is


Carmelized Peach Chocolate Dutch Baby

Recipe here by Chocolate and Connie

Chocolate Ginger Peach Icebox Cake

Recipe here by Serious Eats

Peach Pavlova

Recipe here by Home Cooking Adventure

Chocolate Peach Shortcakes

Recipe here by A Couple Cooks

Chocolate Chip Peach Cake with Coffee Frosting

Recipe here by The Pancake Princess

Chocolate Chip Peach Walnut Cookies

Recipe here by Can’t Stay Out of the Kitchen

Chocolate Peach Tart

Recipe here by You.co

White Chocolate Peach S’mores with Ginger Grahams

Recipe here by Peanut Butter and Julie

Chocolate Peach Pancakes

Recipe here by Healthy Little Cooks

Peach and Brown Sugar Scones with White Chocolate

Recipe here by Sweet Peas and Saffron


Chili Chocolate Pudding with Grilled Peaches

Recipe here by Playful Cooking

Southern White Chocolate Peach & Pecan Pizza

Recipe here by A Lovely Place to Land

Dunk It or Dump It?: Chocolate & Shrimp



Today’s what I like to call, “Would-You-Eat-It-Wednesday?” It just so happens that this Wednesday coincides with National Shrimp Day…which got me thinking. Can you pair Shrimp with Chocolate


If you’re anything like me, you have some serious doubts about this duo. But, before you give it a solid no, check out these recipes. You just might change your mind. Maybe.


Gamberi al Cioccolato: Shrimp with Chocolate

Recipe here by Cooking Channel TV



Prawns with Chocolate Sauce

Recipe here by Wholey Mackerel 

Shrimp and Chocolate Tortilla Soup

Recipe here by Paula Deen

So, fellow chocolate enthusiasts, are you brave enough to dive into Shrimp and Chocolate?



Dunk it, or Dump it?


Please share in the comment section below.




13 Chocolate Mocha Recipes



Some things are just better with coffee…



Research papers,

and, ah yes, chocolate.



13 Chocolate Mocha Recipes…that happen to go great with a cup of coffee.

Mocha Chocolate Raspberry Swiss Cake Roll  

Recipe here by Cake Whiz

Frozen Mocha Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Ganache 

Recipe here by Bon Appetit 


Chocolate Espresso Cookies 

Recipe here by Partial Ingredients


Mocha Toffee Chocolate Cupcakes 

Recipe here by Inside Bru Crew Life


Bailey’s Chocolate Espresso Whoopie Pies 

Recipe here by If You a Give a Blonde a Kitchen


Triple Chocolate Mocha Brownies 

Recipe here by Wonky Wonderful 


Caffe Mocha Creme Brulee Chocolate 

Recipe here by Diethood 

Mocha Chip Chocolate Biscotti 

Recipe here by All Day I Dream About Food

Mocha Profiteroles with Espresso Ice Cream & Caramelized Cocoa Nibs

Recipe here by the Brick Kitchen

Espresso Macarons with Salted Dark Chocolate Buttercream

Recipe here by Kitchenhooradventures 


Mocha Coffee Cake 

Recipe here by My Baking Addiction 

Chocolate Mocha Almond Fudge Ice Cream 

Recipe here by First Year Blog

White Chocolate Mocha Peppermint Cookies 

Recipe here by Top with Cinnamon


Dunk It or Dump It? Chocolate Covered Potato Chips


Hello Chocolate Afficianados!




The objective is simple. I bring an ingredient to the tasting table, and you decide if it’s compatible with chocolate.

Today’s ingredient…
Potato Chips!


It certainly fits nicely into that salty & sweet category.

Photo by Chuao Chocolatier


If this sounds like a winning combination, you may want to try out these recipes. 

Chocolate Covered Potato Chip Blondies

Recipe here by I am Baker

Chocolate Tart with Potato Kettle Chip Crust

Recipe here by What’s Gaby Cooking

Potato Chip Caramel Popcorn 

Recipe here by Like Mother Like Daughter 

Time to vote!


Should Potato Chips be dipped in chocolate?


Dunk It or Dump It?

Please vote in the comment section below!

Dunk It or Dump It? Chocolate and Hot Dogs



It’s my favorite post of the week. The time when I get to hear the opinions of my fellow foodies. The day I like to call Would-You-Eat-It-Wednesday?

Each week we assess an unusual, and sometimes weird, chocolate combination. This week we’re veering on the weird side of the spectrum. 

Hot Dogs!


No, that wasn’t a typo. We’re talking about chocolate and hot dogs! Here is where the inspiration for this pairing came from. (Truly, I don’t make this stuff up.)


This restaurant hot dog, rooted in Massachusetts, is topped with hot fudge, marshmallow creme, and melted peanut butter.



Chocolate Hot Dog Éclair 

This hot dog, a Canadian fair offering, is served on a Chocolate Eclair, and topped with whipped cream.


I have a feeling this one might be a hard sell. But, with chocolate covered bacon trending these days, perhaps there’s an audience for it? I’ll let you be the judge.


What’s the verdict, should Hot Dogs be paired with chocolate?



Dunk It or Dump It?

Please vote in the comment section below.


You can vote on previous Chocolate Pairings here.

(*Gifs courtesy of giphy.)

Dunk It or Dump It?: Chocolate with Avocado


The holiday hustle bustle has come and gone, and I’m finally getting back into the blogging groove. This month we’re bringing back one of my favorite post topics…

It’s the game where I bring an unlikely chocolate pair to the table for your consideration. And you, my trusted chocolate critics, vote your opinion. This week’s spotlighted ingredient isn’t so odd for some. But, for others like myself, it may take some convincing.

I’ll be honest, when it comes to my chocolate, I’m a purist. Meaning, I’m not big on unconventional ingredients. I hear the gasps. As much as I keep an open mind, I just can’t do it. And this doesn’t just go for healthy options. I don’t like to see words like sour cream or mayonnaise on my ingredient list either. You can tell me the benefits of the product until I’m blue in the face, but if I know that something weird is in there, I’m not going to eat it.


Which brings me to this week’s Would-You-Eat-It-Wednesday pairing…

Chocolate and Avocado 

Image by Chamomile Roots

Now, I’m certainly not snubbing anyone who eats the combination. In fact I’m a huge avocado and guacamole fan myself.


And the avocado certainly has nutritional perks, showing up in healthier versions of everything from cakes to mousse.


So now I bring the question to you, my fellow chocolate enthusiasts. Where do you stand on this alternative ingredient? Am I the only stubborn one resisting non-traditional ingredients? Is this the best thing since sliced bread (that preferably has been transformed into a lovely chocolate bread pudding)? If so, someone may have to trick me into trying it!


For those of you already absorbing the health benefits of the dynamic duo, here are some recipes worth trying!

Avocado Chocolate Truffles

Recipe here by Hearthstrong 

Vegan Avocado Chocolate Cake

Recipe here by Joy the Baker

So chocoholics, what’s the verdict?

Would you eat Chocolate with Avocados?



Dunk It or Dump It?

Please vote in the comment section below!

*Gifs by giphy

Meet and Greet Recipe Exchange: S’mores


Hello Fellow Bloggers and Bakers!


gif by giphy


We’re hosting another Recipe ExchangeThis is a great way to connect with other bloggers, add followers, and gain delicious recipes. Every couple of weeks, we will be featuring a different baking category. Not surprising, each will star chocolate.

We’re closing out the season, with one of summer’s favorite flavors. The theme of this Recipe Exchange is S’mores.

Meaning, any dessert with the basic S’more ingredients:

Chocolate + Marshmallow + Graham


Photo here at Salted and Styled

Examples include, (but are not limited to):

  • Brownies
  • Cake
  • Ice Cream
  • Pies & Tarts
  • Cookies & Candy

If you have a S’more’s recipe on your blog, we’d love to showcase it here! Simply, post the name of the recipe and your blog link in the comment section below.


Photo here

Don’t have a recipe, but love great food? We’d love to connect with you, as well!

To gain the most exposure, be sure to add your recipes and blog link to past and future Recipe Exchanges. We’ll keep a running lists of posts.

Previous Recipe Exchanges:

Chocolate & Berries 





Looking forward to your S’more recipes! ❤️