This Valentine’s Day Ditch the Flowers, Buy Her Chocolate





Dear Cupid,

Those Valentine Roses are Going to Cost You…

Nope, the price of roses hasn’t risen this year. They will cost you the same astronomical inflated dollars they always have. You see, it’s not the damage to your wallet we’re talking about here, it’s the potential damage to your relationship. Those flowers you gift her on Valentine’s Day come with an underlying message. Get it wrong, and your relationship status will update to Loves Me Not.
Let me break it down.
What he thinks: This Valentine’s Day, I’m giving her flowers. I can’t go wrong here. It’s the gift that says I’m romantic.
What she thinks: Well that depends on a few things…

The Delivery
Did he send the flowers to your home?
What she thinks:  What’s the point, no one else will even see them. Is he embarrassed of me?
Did he send them to your workplace? 
What she thinks: Does he think I’m a narcissist that craves attention causing my significant other to publicly display his fondness for me? Next thing I know he’ll try to stick his tongue down my throat in front of my boss.
Did he bring the flowers to me in person after work?
What she thinks: Zilch on the thought level. Prince charming waited till the last minute, grabbing something on the way home.
Flower Type
What she thinks: How unoriginal. sigh
Not roses?
What she thinks: Cheapskate! Guess our relationship is not important enough to spring for the long stems. Gail at work got two dozen. Her boyfriend really cares about her.
The Color 
You may be asking yourself, who cares about the color? She does. Because every rose color has meaning. And maybe she doesn’t know that– but, what if she does? Or worse, what if Gail from work knows?
What he thinks: The flowers are red.
What she thinks:  Oh my gosh, he loves me. This is too soon. Or red, yawn, so ordinary. The color that says, yippee, I got red roses on Valentine’s Day— just like half of the other women in the country. Bet they were on sale, too.
Not red? 
What he thinks: The flowers are not red.
What she thinks:  He doesn’t love me. He’s insecure with our relationship status and afraid of commitment. I mean there are red roses everywhere, and he went out of his way to pick a different color.
What he thinks: The flowers are yellow.
What she thinks:  Oh, so he wants to play it this way. The dreaded, he just wants to be friends. Great friends. Gag. And on Valentine’s Day, nonetheless. Coward.
What he thinks: The flowers are some light orangey color. Whatever.
What she thinks:  He thinks I’m sweet. (Yeah, so is my grandma.)
What he thinks: The flowers are pink.
What her best friend thinks: Oh, you think she’s so beautiful, do you? So you finally admit it, you just like her for her looks. You mine as well give her a pork chop with a ribbon tied around it, if you really want her to feel like a piece of meat.
What he thinks: Why did she just smack me?
What she thinks: Orange relays a message of passion and desire.  So depending on your relationship status, the smack on the face, or the bum, was well deserved. 
What he thinks: These flowers are pink. Or orange.
What she thinks:  I fascinate you? What, am I a clown at the circus?
What he thinks: Cool. I’ve never seen blue roses before.
What she thinks:  He thinks I’m fake. Just like these fake flowers.

What he thinks: The flowers are white.
What she thinks: I will need to consult my friends on this one.
What your best friend thinks: Loverboy thinks you’re loyal. You know, like a faithful dog.
What your mom thinks:  Innocent? Yeah right. He’s a living and breathing man, gushing with testosterone. I’d gather to say his innocence isn’t his strongest trait. Dump the pervert.
What Gail from work thinks:  Ouch. Sympathy. (Do you really want to go there?)
Assorted Colors 
What he thinks:  I’m indecisive.
What she thinks: He’s indecisive. Furthermore, he lacks a backbone, and knows nothing about me. If he can’t even commit to a color, he surely cannot commit to us. Relationship status: game over.
No matter the delivery, the style, or the color, one thing is for certain. The life span of flowers is short. Every day she looks at them they will get a bit weaker, lose a little zest, and eventually shrivel up and die. A reminder of your relationship’s impending doom.
So, what should you buy her for Valentine’s Day?

Because not getting her chocolate sends the biggest message of all:  
I think you are a profoundly obese bloated baboon who eats bonbons while watching reality shows all day. You don’t want her to think she’s a profoundly obese bloated baboon who eats bonbons all day while watching reality shows all day, right?
So spring for the chocolates…Just be sure to buy the right ones. 
What’s your favorite gift to receive on Valentine’s Day? Please share in the comment section! ❤️

13 DIY Edible Valentine Gifts


 This Valentine’s Day show someone they are extra special with a sweet homemade gift. Click on the included links for how to instructions. 


Candy Gumball Machine 

Recipe here by Eat, Move, Make

Cupcake Bouquet 

Recipe here by Crafts n’ Coffee

Chocolate Candy Bouquet 

Recipe here by The Bewitchen Kitchen

Valentine Cookie Pizza

Recipe here by Bake at 350

Chocolate Strawberry Bouquet

Recipe here by Rada Cutlery

Chocolate Valentine Candy Sundae

Recipe here by Budding Baketress

Hershey Kiss Roses

Recipe here by Sun Scholar

Cookie Arrangement 

Recipe here by The Decorated Cookie

Edible Fruit Arrangement 

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Chocolate Candy Bouquet 

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Edible Chocolate Box

Recipe here by Oh Nuts!

Ferrero Rocher Bouquet

Recipe here by Peachy PH


Flowers and Candy 

Recipe here by Evolution and Style

Gifts for the Book Lover



Gifts for the Book Lover


As with all my gift lists, these are just ideas. I’m not promoting any brands or stores- just fun products.



Tequila Mockingbird: Cocktails with a Literary Twist

You can purchase it here.

Library Mug

You can purchase it here.

Book Scarf

You can purchase it here.


Library Card Zipper Pouch

You can purchase it here.

Kindle Paperwhite 

You can purchase it here.


Talk Dewey to Me Shirt

You can purchase it here.


Book Laptop Cover

You can purchase it here.


Wooden Book Bookends with Drawers

You can purchase it here.


Library Coasters

You can purchase it here.


Book Lover’s Chocolate 

You can purchase it here.



‘There’s no such thing as too many books’ Pajamas

You can purchase it here.



Novel Teapot 

You can purchase it here.

Book Lover’s Sherlock’s Study Candle


You can purchase it here.

Oh Fudge!


Tis the Season for 

Sugar Plums

Peppermint Sticks

Fudge, by the pounds,

…and those cozy, comfy, I-have-room-for-one-more-sweet-treat Stretchy Pants.



13 Fudge Recipes Perfect for the Holidays

Mint M&M’s Fudge

Recipe here by Tobins’ Taste


Cappuccino Fudge

Recipe here by Inside Bru Crew Life


Dark Chocolate and Cherry Fudge

Recipe here by Tip Hero

Peanut Butter Cup Fudge with Salted Bourbon Sugar

Recipe here by Half Baked Harvest

Chocolate Truffle Pretzel Stout Pub Fudge

Recipe here by Community Table Parade


White Chocolate Eggnog Fudge

Recipe here by Moms Need to  Know

Snickers Fudge

Recipe here by Six Sisters’ Stuff

Dark Chocolate Peppermint Fudge

Recipe here by American Heritage Cooking

Turtle Fudge

Recipe here by Live Well Bake Often

Bailey’s Fudge

Recipe here by Pink Post it Note

Drunk Santa 3 ingredient Vodka Fudge

Recipe here by The Decorated Cookie 

Pistachio Fudge

Recipe here by Shugary Sweets


Caramel Rolo Fudge

Recipe here by Jane’s Patisserie 

Gifts for the Chocolate Lover

What do you buy the chocoholic for Christmas? Chocolate, of course. While a true chocolate enthusiast will appreciate any sweet offering, how about something unexpected?


Photo by giphy

A note about the suggested items: 

The lists have been created based on my opinion. (Basically, all these items would be on my Wish List).  *Please note, I’m not affiliated with any of these companies or products. Ive included a link for purchase with each item for your convenience only. If interested in the product, I suggest researching the product for more details and price comparison.

Week #6: 13 Unique Gifts for the Chocoholic  

Chocolate Brix Tasting Set and Cutting Board

You can buy it here.


Jacques Torres Hot Chocolate

 You can buy it here.

Chocolate Dipped Wine

Wine or Champagne Dipped in Belgian Chocolate 

You can buy it here.


Dark Chocolate Balsamic Vinegar

You can buy it here.




Chocolate Scented Flowers

You can buy it here.

Chocolate Passport- Chocolates from around the world

You can find it here.


Godiva Dark Chocolate Liqueur

 You can find it here.

Hot Cocoa Maker


Chocolate Fondue Cascading Fountain 

You can buy it here.

Mexican Chocolate Kit

You can buy it here.

“Chocomize” Custom Chocolate Bar

You can buy it here.

Chocolate Tabasco Wedges

 You can buy it here.
Chocolate Dipped Pears
You can buy it here.

DIY Children’s Play Kitchens from Recycled Furniture


Have a little baker in your home that would love a play kitchen for the holidays? With a bit of TLC and some inspiration, you can transform an old piece of furniture into an adorable play set.

You’ll be amazed by these whimsical transformations!

From a Dresser Top…



to a Cozy Kitchen Nook.



From An Old TV Cabinet…


…To a Darling Diner.


From An Old Side Table…

…to a Sweet Stove.

From a Television Stand…




to a Bright & Cheery Chef Space.



From An Entertainment Center…


…to a Modern Cook’s Quarters.


From an Entertainment Center…


to a Glamorous Kitchen.

Week #2: Luxurious Chocolate Beauty Gifts for Her


This is the 2nd week of Agatha’s 13 Weeks of Christmas- Gift Giving Guide. This week’s theme is chocolate, beauty, and relaxation.

What Chocoholic wouldn’t love to be pampered by luxurious chocolate beauty products? All the delicious chocolate, without the pesky calories.



Week #2: Luxury Beauty Products for the Chocoholic

A note about the suggested items: 

The lists have been created based on my opinion. (Basically, all these items would be on my Wish List).  *Please note, I’m not affiliated with any of these companies or products. Ive included a link for purchase with each item for your convenience only. If interested in the product, I suggest researching the product for more details and price comparison.



The Body Shop Chocomania Body Butter

You can buy it here.

Theodent Mint Flavor Toothpaste (made from Cocoa Beans)

You can buy it here.

Theodent Kids’ Chocolate Chip Flavor

You can buy it here.


Farmhouse Fresh Sundae Best Chocolate Mask

You can buy it here.

Too Face Chocolate Bar Eye Shadow Palette 

You can buy it here.




Organic Chocolate Bliss Beeswax Lip Balm

You can buy it here.

Chocolate Sprinkle All Natural Donut Soap

You can buy it here.

Giovanni Hot Chocolate Sugar Scrub

You can buy it here.


Organic Whipped Shea Body Mousse, CHOCOLATE SOUFFLE

You can buy it here.


Chocolate Strawberry Spa Facial Kit

Chocolate Strawberry Cleansing Cream, Chocolate Strawberry Face Scrub, Chocolate Strawberry Massage Cream,  Chocolate Strawberry Face Pack
You can buy it here.

Miniature Chocolate Bath Melts Gift Set

You can buy it here.

Black Canyon Chocolate Mint Bath Sea Salts

You can buy it here.

One Minute Manicure Chocolate Silk Hand, Foot, & Body Scrub

 You can buy it here.

Dark Chocolate Pick-me-up Cologne Spray

 You can buy it here.

I would love to hear your comments on these products. Would you use any of them?