Summer ala Mode ☀️


Summer just wouldn’t be summer without ice cream. Which puts this frozen treat in popular demand.

So then, should you go out for ice cream? 


Before you do, you should know the risks.



Uh, yeah.


Racing the neighborhood kids to the ice cream truck? Not a good idea. Those kids are hungry. Aggressive. And probably faster than you.



A walk in the park? Not so much. Combine heat and gravity and you have a tragic cone decapitation on your hands. Er, on the ground.


Ye old ice cream parlor. Surely, that’s safe? Until your cone self combusts.


Well then, how about a treat right outside the comfort of your own home? 

Weather forecast, cloudy with a chance of soccer balls.


And don’t forget about all of the ice cream predators lurking out there. 

Man’s best friend? Not when ice cream is involved.


Gentle giants, not when their tongue is bigger than your head.


Let’s face it, ice cream can drive even the most motherly of creatures to a life of crime.


So, does going out for ice cream still seem like a good idea?


My recommendation, stay safe, and try one of these delightful ice cream creations in the safety of your own kitchen.


13 Ice Cream Creations to Cool Off Your Summer…safely

Toasted Coconut Chocolate Ice Cream Cake

Recipe here by Life, Love and Sugar

Ice Cream Nachos

Recipe here by Moms and Munchkins 

Salted Chocolate Caramel Ice Cream Brownie Cake

Recipe here by Coley Cooks

Giant Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich

Recipe here by Taste of Home

Easy Fried Ice Cream

Recipe here by Divas Can Cook

Mint Chocolate Chip Oreo Ice Cream Tart

Recipe here by Home Made Interest

Ice Cream Tacos

Recipe here by I Love Cooking

Swiss Roll Ice Cream Dome Cake

Recipe here by Wild Yeast

 Chocolate Malt Ice Cream Cupcakes

Recipe here by Growing up Gabel

 Ice Cream Pizza

Recipe here by The Recipe Rebel

 Ice Cream Churro Bowls

Recipe here by Buzzfeed

Mocha Mud Pie

Recipe here by Shiny Life Blog

Double Chocolate Peanut Butter Oreo Baked Alaska

Recipe here by Baking a Moment


In conclusion, eat responsibly this summer. Close your windows, lock your doors,


and above all, enjoy your ice cream. You deserve it.


Congratulations to these Top 13 Chocolate Movie Quote Tweets


We asked Twitter to play, “Add Chocolate, Improve a Movie Quote!”  And we couldn’t be more impressed by the clever responses.  


It was quite difficult to narrow it down to the top 13 tweets, so be sure to check out the other responses via Twitter #AddChocolateImpoveAMovieQuote. Thanks to all that participated!


More games to come!

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🍫Add Chocolate, Improve a Movie Quote


Everything is better with chocolate…even iconic movie lines. Add the phrase “with chocolate” to a famous movie quote and share it in the comment section below. (Be sure to use separate comments for each quote, so readers can like their favorites). I can’t wait to read your new movie quotes! Here’s a few to get things started.



I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse with Chocolate.

The Godfather



Go ahead, make my day with Chocolate.

Sudden Impact




Here’s looking at you kid with Chocolate.




I solemnly swear that I’m up to no good with Chocolate.

Harry Potter



Your Turn!!!




Valentine Quiz


Whether you’re celebrating a relationship, friendship, or yourself, Valentine’s Day is a reason to treat yourself.


This quiz is not about romance, but a search for a hidden passion. I like to call it…Your sweet destiny, (aka, dessert).

Personally, I prefer to go with tall, dark, and dreamy (like this gorgeous freakshake from Molly Bakes in London).

Ready to find your match?

Start the Quiz.

Did you find a love connection? Tell us in comment section below! 😊

Happy Valentine’s  Day, Everyone!


This Valentine’s Day Ditch the Flowers, Buy Her Chocolate





Dear Cupid,

Those Valentine Roses are Going to Cost You…

Nope, the price of roses hasn’t risen this year. They will cost you the same astronomical inflated dollars they always have. You see, it’s not the damage to your wallet we’re talking about here, it’s the potential damage to your relationship. Those flowers you gift her on Valentine’s Day come with an underlying message. Get it wrong, and your relationship status will update to Loves Me Not.
Let me break it down.
What he thinks: This Valentine’s Day, I’m giving her flowers. I can’t go wrong here. It’s the gift that says I’m romantic.
What she thinks: Well that depends on a few things…

The Delivery
Did he send the flowers to your home?
What she thinks:  What’s the point, no one else will even see them. Is he embarrassed of me?
Did he send them to your workplace? 
What she thinks: Does he think I’m a narcissist that craves attention causing my significant other to publicly display his fondness for me? Next thing I know he’ll try to stick his tongue down my throat in front of my boss.
Did he bring the flowers to me in person after work?
What she thinks: Zilch on the thought level. Prince charming waited till the last minute, grabbing something on the way home.
Flower Type
What she thinks: How unoriginal. sigh
Not roses?
What she thinks: Cheapskate! Guess our relationship is not important enough to spring for the long stems. Gail at work got two dozen. Her boyfriend really cares about her.
The Color 
You may be asking yourself, who cares about the color? She does. Because every rose color has meaning. And maybe she doesn’t know that– but, what if she does? Or worse, what if Gail from work knows?
What he thinks: The flowers are red.
What she thinks:  Oh my gosh, he loves me. This is too soon. Or red, yawn, so ordinary. The color that says, yippee, I got red roses on Valentine’s Day— just like half of the other women in the country. Bet they were on sale, too.
Not red? 
What he thinks: The flowers are not red.
What she thinks:  He doesn’t love me. He’s insecure with our relationship status and afraid of commitment. I mean there are red roses everywhere, and he went out of his way to pick a different color.
What he thinks: The flowers are yellow.
What she thinks:  Oh, so he wants to play it this way. The dreaded, he just wants to be friends. Great friends. Gag. And on Valentine’s Day, nonetheless. Coward.
What he thinks: The flowers are some light orangey color. Whatever.
What she thinks:  He thinks I’m sweet. (Yeah, so is my grandma.)
What he thinks: The flowers are pink.
What her best friend thinks: Oh, you think she’s so beautiful, do you? So you finally admit it, you just like her for her looks. You mine as well give her a pork chop with a ribbon tied around it, if you really want her to feel like a piece of meat.
What he thinks: Why did she just smack me?
What she thinks: Orange relays a message of passion and desire.  So depending on your relationship status, the smack on the face, or the bum, was well deserved. 
What he thinks: These flowers are pink. Or orange.
What she thinks:  I fascinate you? What, am I a clown at the circus?
What he thinks: Cool. I’ve never seen blue roses before.
What she thinks:  He thinks I’m fake. Just like these fake flowers.

What he thinks: The flowers are white.
What she thinks: I will need to consult my friends on this one.
What your best friend thinks: Loverboy thinks you’re loyal. You know, like a faithful dog.
What your mom thinks:  Innocent? Yeah right. He’s a living and breathing man, gushing with testosterone. I’d gather to say his innocence isn’t his strongest trait. Dump the pervert.
What Gail from work thinks:  Ouch. Sympathy. (Do you really want to go there?)
Assorted Colors 
What he thinks:  I’m indecisive.
What she thinks: He’s indecisive. Furthermore, he lacks a backbone, and knows nothing about me. If he can’t even commit to a color, he surely cannot commit to us. Relationship status: game over.
No matter the delivery, the style, or the color, one thing is for certain. The life span of flowers is short. Every day she looks at them they will get a bit weaker, lose a little zest, and eventually shrivel up and die. A reminder of your relationship’s impending doom.
So, what should you buy her for Valentine’s Day?

Because not getting her chocolate sends the biggest message of all:  
I think you are a profoundly obese bloated baboon who eats bonbons while watching reality shows all day. You don’t want her to think she’s a profoundly obese bloated baboon who eats bonbons all day while watching reality shows all day, right?
So spring for the chocolates…Just be sure to buy the right ones. 
What’s your favorite gift to receive on Valentine’s Day? Please share in the comment section! ❤️

13 New Year’s Resolutions any Chocoholic can Fulfill


This year I will eat less chocolate. (Try saying that with a straight face.)


But, seriously…

Here are some resolutions that are actually possible.


Resolve to change your eating habits:

Eat 3 square meals a day.



Eat more greens.



Add more fruits to your diet.


 Eat smoothies for a snack or meal replacement.



Try new approaches to healthy eating:

Raw diet.



“Hole” Foods


Clean Eating.

Photo via twitter @funnycatsdaily

You’ll also want to get fit this year:

Exercise more. 


Explore Fitness- Fitness whole cake in my mouth.



Get in shape.




Lastly, avoid things that can make you look fat.

Such as scales…



…and cameras.

Happy New Year to my fellow chocoholics! May your year be filled with sweetness! ❤️

Confessions of a Chocoholic: 13 Chocolate-Inspired Items You Need in Your Home



When I was a little girl, I watched Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory in awe. Room after room of chocolate and candy, fed my sugar-coated fantasies.

Living in a building full of chocolate? My silly childhood sweet obsession was just “pure imagination“. photo

Until now…

Chocolate-inspired artists are creating modern pieces of chocolate whimsy- chairs, beds, benches, and even lamps.

Now anyone can have a home sweet home- no Golden Ticket needed.

13 Chocolate Inspired Items for a Chocoholic’s Dream House


“Nemo ChocoLite Lamp” (photo)

A modern lamp oozing chocolate goodness.


Pair of Chocolate Tables photo

Delicious Works of Art


Kitty  Cat Cake Bed (photo)

Because the Chocoholic pet deserves a piece of the chocolate pie, too.


Ice cream Sandwich Ottoman (photo)



Chocolate Muffin Stool with Storage photo

Perfect to store a hidden supply of bonbons.


Candy Bar Bed photo

Wrap up in a wrapper for sweet dreams.

Cupcake Chandelier photo

Because any room is sweeter with cupcake decor.


Ice Cream Bench photo

The perfect place to enjoy a cold one.



Chocolate Couch photo

Raising the bar on style.



Chocolate Candy Puffs Photo

So sweet!


Chocolate Chair photo

Pretty please with a cherry on top!


Cookie Monster Rug and Pillows photo

DIY directions here by Bored Panda

C is for CUTE!