Summer ala Mode ☀️


Summer just wouldn’t be summer without ice cream. Which puts this frozen treat in popular demand.

So then, should you go out for ice cream? 


Before you do, you should know the risks.



Uh, yeah.


Racing the neighborhood kids to the ice cream truck? Not a good idea. Those kids are hungry. Aggressive. And probably faster than you.



A walk in the park? Not so much. Combine heat and gravity and you have a tragic cone decapitation on your hands. Er, on the ground.


Ye old ice cream parlor. Surely, that’s safe? Until your cone self combusts.


Well then, how about a treat right outside the comfort of your own home? 

Weather forecast, cloudy with a chance of soccer balls.


And don’t forget about all of the ice cream predators lurking out there. 

Man’s best friend? Not when ice cream is involved.


Gentle giants, not when their tongue is bigger than your head.


Let’s face it, ice cream can drive even the most motherly of creatures to a life of crime.


So, does going out for ice cream still seem like a good idea?


My recommendation, stay safe, and try one of these delightful ice cream creations in the safety of your own kitchen.


13 Ice Cream Creations to Cool Off Your Summer…safely

Toasted Coconut Chocolate Ice Cream Cake

Recipe here by Life, Love and Sugar

Ice Cream Nachos

Recipe here by Moms and Munchkins 

Salted Chocolate Caramel Ice Cream Brownie Cake

Recipe here by Coley Cooks

Giant Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich

Recipe here by Taste of Home

Easy Fried Ice Cream

Recipe here by Divas Can Cook

Mint Chocolate Chip Oreo Ice Cream Tart

Recipe here by Home Made Interest

Ice Cream Tacos

Recipe here by I Love Cooking

Swiss Roll Ice Cream Dome Cake

Recipe here by Wild Yeast

 Chocolate Malt Ice Cream Cupcakes

Recipe here by Growing up Gabel

 Ice Cream Pizza

Recipe here by The Recipe Rebel

 Ice Cream Churro Bowls

Recipe here by Buzzfeed

Mocha Mud Pie

Recipe here by Shiny Life Blog

Double Chocolate Peanut Butter Oreo Baked Alaska

Recipe here by Baking a Moment


In conclusion, eat responsibly this summer. Close your windows, lock your doors,


and above all, enjoy your ice cream. You deserve it.


13 Ice Cream Sandwiches with a Twist 🍦



Nothing perks up a blistering hot day like a cold, creamy helping of your favorite ice cream.


Add a couple of cookies and some sprinkles, and you’ve got yourself the perfect summer treat. 


But what happens if you’re fresh out of cookies?



No problem. Check out these alternative ingredients, creating some unique takes on the classic ice cream sandwich.




13 Ice Cream Sandwiches with a New Twist


Let me know in the comment section which ones are your favorites!


Chocolate Profiteroles

Recipe here by Cooking NYTimes

Chocolate Dipped Doughnut Sandwiches

Recipe here Taste Spotting

Cinnamon Roll Ice Cream Sandwiches

Recipe here by Sugar Hero

Chocolate Dipped Graham Cracker Ice Cream S’mores

Recipe here by Love and Olive Oil

Chocolate Dipped ‘Churros’

Recipe here by Hola Jalepeno

Ice Cream Whoopie Pies

Recipe here by Good Food Stories

Chocolate Strawberry Ice Cream Macarons

Recipe here by Barbara Bakes

Chocolate Fudge Brownie Sandwiches

Recipe here by Country Cleaver

Rice Crispy Cookie Dough Ice Cream Sandwiches

Recipe here by The Gunny Sack

Caramel Peanut Butter Fudge Pretzel Sandwiches

Recipe here by Half Baked Harvest

Nutella Pizzelle Sandwiches

Recipe here by My Boys and Their Toys


Heath Bar Blondies

Recipe here by Real Simple

Chocolate Waffle Raspberry Sandwiches

Recipe here by Dessert for Two

13 Extreme S’mores


For anyone who loves chocolate, summer is synonymous with S’mores.

There’s nothing that compares to toasted marshmallows,

melting over hunks of chocolate

oozing over the edges of crispy graham crackers.

It’s like a hug, in your mouth.

21 Chocolate-Themed GIFs For Every Situation


Chocolate, marshmallows, and graham. We’ve sampled the combination in cakes, candies, and even ice cream. Whether the marshmallows are camp-fired and classic, or meringue and modern, these flavors are just meant to be together.


13 Extreme S’mores Recipes,

You’ll Want to try this Summer

S’mores Cake

Find the recipe here at Liv for Cake


S’more Waffle Sundaes

Find the recipe here at My Baking Addiction


Peanut Butter S’mores Galette

Find the recipe here at Port and Fin


S’mores Petit Fores

Find the recipe here at Baking My Way


Toasted S’mores Truffle Pops

Find the recipe here at Ashlee Marie


S’mores Cheesecake

Find the recipe here at Life, Love & Sugar


S’mores Pot De Creme

Find the recipe here at Bakin’ Bit


S’mores Ice Cream

Find the recipe here at Gunny Sac


S’mores Coffee Cake

Find the recipe here at A Treat’s Affair


S’more Truffles

Find the recipe here at Sprinkle Some Sugar


Baked S’mores Doughnuts

Find recipe here at Handle the Heat


S’mores with Homemade Lavender Marshmallows 

Find recipe here at Salted and Styled


S’mores Skillet Dip

Find the recipe here at All Created



Find more Chocolate Summer Recipes here (gif by giphy):


13 Home-made Chocolate Popscicles

13 Chocolate Cherry Recipes

13 Chocolate Patriotic Desserts

13 Chocolate and Beer Recipes

13 Must-try Brownies



13 Patriotic Chocolate Desserts for 4th of July



Fourth of July Weekend is synonymous with Picnics!

Here are some easy chocolate recipes to add some Red, White, & Blue Patriotic Pizazz to your dessert spread.


Red, White, & Blue Pretzels

Recipe here


Chocolate Covered Cherry Bombs (Infused with Vodka)

Recipe by Frosting and Smile


Edible Patriotic Chocolate Bowls

Recipe by Unsophisticook 

Muddy Buddy Snack Mix

Recipe here


Star Spangled Cake Pops

Directions here


4th of July Chocolate Firework Pretzels 

Recipe here


Patriotic Cones

Recipe here


Firecracker Pop Rocks Bark

Recipe here



Brownie and Berries Dessert Pizza

Recipe here



Recipe, White, Blue Candy Bar Pretzels

Recipe here


Three Tier Gluten-free Chocolate Cake

Recipe here


Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Dip

Recipe here


Red Velvet Peppermint Ice Cream Chocolate Glazed Cake

Recipe here

First Day of Summer


Although we’ve been soaking up the sun for weeks in the South, today is the first official day of Summer

Awe, Summer.



Time for Flip Flops and Swimming Pools, (photo)


Sunrise on the Beach,

Fireflies after dusk, (photo)

Sand Castles and Cones,



Movies and Milkshakes,


Picnics and pies,



Backyard BBQs,



And, bathing suits

Show-every-ounce-of-chocolate-I’ve-consumed bathing suits,

Oh, bother.



13 Popsicles You Won’t Find in your Grocer’s Freezer


Summer is officially on! And it’s hot out there, to say the least. The heat might be great when you’re swimming in the pool or relaxing at the beach.  But, when you’re clothes are soaked from sweat, just from walking from the car to the house door, it’s time for some relief.


My solution? Chill out with a chocolate gourmet popsicle. 

If you’ve never made homemade pops, be prepared to get addicted fast. You can use any base for the liquid, which really comes in handy when you want a healthy option, or you want to make an adult cocktail version. Then, add your choice of ingredients. Fresh fruits, nuts, coconut, chocolate chips, cookies, sprinkles… the flavor combinations are endless.

I’ve gathered a collection of scrumptious frozen Popsicle recipes to get you started. Banoffee Pie, Strawberry White Chocolate, Taramisu, and the always popular, Chunky Monkey!  What are your favorite Popsicle flavors?

13 Chocolate Popsicle Recipes


Playing it Cool!

Save those sticks! Once you have an ample supply of Popsicle sticks, why not recycle them into summer fun? You can find directions for this exploding chain reaction here.




You’re Going to Need a Bigger Spoon


When you learn that it’s Chocolate Ice Cream Day, a plain scoop of ice cream just won’t do.  

Indulge in the good stuff and, …grab a bigger spoon while you’re at it.



Chocolate Ganache Ice Cream

Recipe by Ashlee Marie


Rocky Road Pudding Parfait

Recipe by Half Baked Harvest


German Chocolate Brownie Ice Cream

Recipe by Sugar Hero